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Logging a maintenance request

Churches of Christ Housing Services is committed to providing safe and well maintained properties.

You can help us achieve this by ensuring maintenance issues are promptly reported to prevent further damage.

For further information about maintenance request refer to our Tenant Information page by clicking here.

Download a Maintenance Request Form by clicking here.

To log a maintenance request, please complete the form below.

Emergencies must be reported to our office immediately during business hours or via our After-Hours Service.

An emergency is a situation when people's lives or health are at risk, or when the property may be at risk of significant damage.


Urgency checklist

If you answer "Yes" to any of the below questions, please phone us immediately instead of completing this form.

Is anyone in danger, or at risk of being injured?*

Do you have a health condition or safety concern that means it should be fixed quickly?*

Is the issue causing further damage to the property?*

Are you unable to secure your home?* For example: the front door will not lock.

Is your smoke alarm not working and you have already changed the battery?*

Tenant name*

Property address*

Email address*


Request details

Access details (Information to assist the tradesperson. For example: Only home after 1:00pm.)

Have you reported this problem before?*

Have you installed the item yourself and do you accept responsibility for the cost of the repair?*

Have you, another household member or a visitor damaged the item and do you accept responsibility for the cost of the repair?*

Was the item damaged through normal use or fair wear and tear?*

Maintenance issue

Is the issue:*


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