Bringing the light of Christ into communities

About us

Churches of Christ in Queensland is one of Australia's largest and most diverse not-for-profit organisations, operating more than 190 services throughout Queensland and Victoria, with the support of over 3,300 staff and 1,500 volunteers. Active in the areas of early childhood care; children, youth and family services; community housing; retirement living; home care; and residential aged care services, we provide Christ-inspired care and compassion to vulnerable people at different stages of their life journey.

We offer crisis, transitional and long-term housing solutions for families. Support is also available to assist tenants with income arrangements, budgeting and referrals to specialist services.

Community Housing

Churches of Christ Housing Services is a leading provider of high quality community housing solutions for people who are on low incomes, discriminated against in the private housing market or are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.

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Family and Individual Support (FISS)

Our Family and Individual Support Service provides short-term supported accommodation to families who are unable to access private or public housing and who require a level of personalised support to redevelop self-reliance and independence.

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Our team

Like all Churches of Christ in Queensland service streams, our housing services is supported by the 3,300 staff and 1,500 volunteers of Churches of Christ in Queensland.

We have more than 50 dedicated staff who each bring their own unique qualities and experience to their roles. Of those, 30 are committed to delivering housing solutions and housing support services, assisting individuals and communities in the greatest need.

Staff are provided with ongoing education and training, enabling them to provide optimum care and support for clients. All staff are committed to providing you with excellent service in line with our Client Service Charter which can be viewed here.

Housing Team

The housing team provides responsive and supportive property and tenancy management services. Spread throughout various housing regions, the team is in five office locations, working together to provide consistent housing services.

Each regional team is led by a Housing Coordinator and is supported by the larger team. Housing and Administrative Officers provide direct services to tenants and applicants including:

  • housing allocations
  • tenancy management
  • neighbourhood management
  • repair and maintenance support
  • home visits and property inspections
  • tenancy planning
  • support service referral and information.

Family and Individual Support Service Team

The Family and Individual Support Service team assist tenants to use their strengths and skills to address the needs and demands of family and community life that may have resulted in their homelessness, or have arisen due to being homeless.

Working with families and individuals to overcome barriers to achieve long-term, safe and secure housing options, the team provides guidance and support for clients on:

  • budgeting
  • living skills
  • positive parenting
  • drug and alcohol support
  • accessing other specialist services.

Maintenance Management Team

The Maintenance Management Team ensures the responsive and effective management of properties. The team's objectives are to ensure the health and safety of tenants, prolong the longevity and affordability of properties, and ensure value for money and compliance when procuring services.

They achieve this by conducting:

  • property condition surveys
  • post maintenance inspections
  • property alteration assessments
  • contractor insurance and licence checks
  • expense monitoring and reporting.

Business Support Team

The Business Support Team manage resources and provide administrative support that enables direct service delivery. The team's objective is to ensure that effective and efficient management systems are in place to enhance the level of service our clients receive.

They are active in the areas of:

  • financial services
  • business development
  • management systems
  • human resources
  • information technology
  • records management
  • work health and safety
  • resource management.


Employment and volunteering

Churches of Christ in Queensland offers rewarding career opportunities in a broad range of industries and caring services, with genuine flexibility and a suite of options to support a family friendly work environment.

The organisation is committed to progressing innovative training and development programs for staff, and our size and diversity allow for significant career growth and opportunities within the organisation, and our core values ensure all staff enjoy a caring and supportive work environment.

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Our policies

Churches of Christ Housing Services policies are available on request. Most of our policy documents have been turned into Information Sheets to make them more accessible to our tenants. Information Sheets are available here.

Churches of Christ Housing Services is required to operate in accordance with various legislative and funding requirements.

As a minimum quality benchmark, we apply the National Regulatory Code Framework to ensure we are compliant with these requirements and meet client expectations.

For more information about the framework, please click here.

We have developed the following tenancy and property management policies, consistent with the national code, to ensure we have clear guidelines for our decision-making.

We have also summarised our policies and processes into easy to understand information sheets, which are available by clicking the following link: Tenant information.

Our policies are reviewed regularly in consultation with the Churches of Christ Housing Services Tenant Advisory Group.

The Tenant Advisory Group aims to provide tenants with greater access to information, advice and opportunities to be actively involved in changes relating to their housing, and to encourage active connections within local communities.

For more information about the Tenant Advisory group, please click here.

Churches of Christ Housing Services policies

Tenants rights and participation

Client Rights and Service Access Policy

Feedback and Appeals Policy

Privacy Policy

Tenant Participation Policy

Rent and eligibility

Eligibility, Allocations and OffersPolicy

Ongoing Eligibility Policy

Rent Policy

Tenancy management

Anti-Social Behaviour Policy

Client Welfare and Domestic Violence Policy

Commencing Tenancies Policy

Ending Tenancies Policy

Succession of Tenancy Policy

Sustaining Tenancies and Engaging Support Policy

Temporary Absence Policy

Managing Tenancies Policy

Occupancy, Visitors and Joint Tenancies Policy

Transfer, Exchange and Relocation Policy

Water Charging Policy

Property maintenance

Disability Modifications and Property Alterations Policy

Parking Policy

Periodic Inspection Policy

Pet Policy

Property Usage Policy

Repairs and Maintenance Policy