Bringing the light of Christ into communities


Churches of Christ Housing Services is committed to building collaborative partnerships founded on shared goals and values.

Our aim is to establish and maintain effective partnerships to meet the housing and support needs of mutual clients, maximise community resources and increase service accessibility.

Our valued partners include:

Our valued memberships include:



Community development

Combating social exclusion and creating safe and healthy communities are key priorities for Churches of Christ Housing Services.

We believe community housing providers play an important role in community development, reducing social exclusion and, in particular, reducing homelessness.

Integrated Communities

Churches of Christ in Queensland is one of the leading and most innovative developers of integrated communities in the state, seamlessly bringing together services to support the continuum of life on one campus.

The organisation offers a philosophy of holistic client-focused care and service, and a location where the broader community can benefit from additional services provided.

Churches of Christ campuses are uniquely planned, based on individual and local community needs, with each individual campus designed to foster community spirit and cohesion.

For further information about our campuses, please visit our integrated communities website by clicking here.

Community Chaplains

Churches of Christ in Queensland's Mission Group operates in partnership with, and on behalf of, the organisation's churches and care services.

Missional services include children's, youth, women's, second half, and prison ministry; community chaplaincy and pastoral care; men's sheds; mission action partnerships and global mission projects.

Churches of Christ in Queensland is pioneering the concept of Community Chaplaincy, furthering the provision of chaplaincy beyond the usual confines of schools, the military and hospitals.

The scope of the Community Chaplaincy program extends from very specific parameters, such as the residents of selected community housing complexes, right through to very broad parameters such as entire suburbs and communities, which could be both established or developing areas.

Community Chaplains seek to build “pastoral friendships”, so that in times of need, those requiring help can feel safe in having important conversations and finding support.

Community Forums

Community forums are an initiative designed to foster communication and relationship building, providing opportunity for input by residents on the formation of their own community.

Empowering individuals and communities to address issues that are impacting on them is one of Churches of Christ Housing Service's key strategic goals.

Tenant Advisory Group

The Tenant Advisory Group aims to provide tenants with greater access to information, advice and opportunities to be actively involved in changes relating to their housing, and encourages connections within local communities.

By becoming a member of the Tenants Advisory Group tenants can be more involved, provide a voice and viewpoint, and use their knowledge and skills to contribute to their housing community. It is also a great way of making new, like-minded friends.

For further information about the Tenant Advisory Group, please click here.