Bringing the light of Christ into communities

Tenant engagement

Churches of Christ Housing Services aims to deliver community housing services that are both supportive and inclusive.

We encourage independence and empowerment that supports the achievements and aspirations of clients, and we encourage them to remain meaningfully involved with their community.


Service standards

Churches of Christ Housing Services is committed to ensuring your rights are upheld and that you are assisted in exercising your rights and responsibilities.

Client Service Charter

Our Client Service Charter clearly states our commitments and level of service standards you can expect from us.

To download the Client Service Charter, please click here.

Client Rights and Service Access Policy

The Client Rights and Service Access Policy outlines how we will respond to requests for assistance in a way that is fair and equitable and in the interest of client- focused care.

To download the Client Rights and Service Access Policy, please click here.

Your privacy

We are dedicated to meeting our legal and ethical obligations in relation to protecting and upholding your confidentiality and privacy as outlined in our Privacy Policy.

To download the Privacy Policy Poster, please click here.

What can you expect from us as your lessor?

We are one of the largest not-for-profit providers of community housing in Queensland, bringing over 35 years experience to the 1,300 tenancies we manage.

For further information about what you can expect from Churches of Christ Housing Services as your lessor and how we will manage your tenancy, please visit the Residential and Tenancy Authority website by clicking here.


Tenant participation

Churches of Christ Housing Services recognises the importance of involving tenants in decision making processes about issues that affect them.

We believe successful participation involves mutual trust, good communication and partnership between you and us.

Your active participation can result in a number of key benefits including:

  • better service delivery and increased value for money
  • increased satisfaction and better communication between us and you
  • improved links between our service and the wider community.

We also encourage feedback on all matters, including:

  • the design of our new properties
  • our repairs and maintenance service
  • changes to policies or practices that affect how we manage your home
  • resources that are developed for tenants and applicants.

We strive to include you in the decision making processes by:

  • conducting comprehensive tenant satisfaction surveys and making results available to you
  • creating opportunities for you to participate in the Tenant Advisory Group
  • holding formal and informal meetings between yourself and staff when convenient for you
  • providing you detailed information in regular newsletters, leaflets and the Tenant Handbook
  • helping you form your own community groups.

Tenant Advisory Group

The Tenant Advisory Group aims to provide tenants with greater access to information, advice and opportunities to be actively involved in changes relating to their housing, and encourages connections within local communities.

By becoming a member of the Tenants Advisory Group you can be more involved, provide a tenant's voice and viewpoint, and use your knowledge and skills to contribute to the housing community. It is also a great way of making new, like-minded friends.

The group meets every three months to discuss various issues affecting tenants and their community, and the different ways they can be addressed.

For further information about the Tenant Advisory Group, please download the Tenant Advisory Group Terms of Reference by clicking here.

To apply to become a member, please download the Tenant Advisory Group Expression of Interest form by clicking here, and return the completed form to our Head Office by post or via email at Alternatively, please visit your local Churches of Christ Housing Services office.

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Access to support

Churches of Christ Housing Services is committed to helping tenants sustain and manage their tenancy wherever reasonably possible.

We work in partnership with many other organisations and specialist support services to do this.

Sustaining a tenancy refers to engaging a support service to assist you in addressing issues affecting your tenancy, including:

  • property suitability for your needs
  • property suitability for your family needs
  • if your tenancy is at risk due to breach notices having been served
  • if you are experiencing:
    • financial difficulties
    • domestic violence
    • other personal issues which may be affecting your tenancy
    • if you are vulnerable due to age, mental health issues, learning difficulties, culture or ethnicity.

We can make referrals to support services on your behalf if you agree to us doing this. We can also provide you with information to make a self-referral to a support service.

For further information on assistance to sustain your tenancy contact your housing officer.

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Tenant newsletters

For the latest news across Churches of Christ Housing Services, including updates, key information and activities, please visit our Tenant News newsletters page here.

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